About that's atlanta

On the horizon, the future of broadcast media is rising. THAT'S ATLANTA (formerly My WSE TV), a breakthrough web television channel conceived by Wyntersweet Entertainment, is at the forefront of this unstoppable trend – the fusion of television and the internet.

  • THAT'S ATLANTA strives to provide a more diversify news coverage when reporting the latest happenings in the entertainment, beauty and fashion industries. We also create experiences through provocative programming to inspire, motivate and further the knowledge of our viewers.

    Our magnetic reporters and hosts deliver captivating, high-quality vignettes and shows on a comprehensive range of subjects. We are a one-stop-shop for the latest news in entertainment, sports, beauty and fashion.

    As a reliable news authority, we are dedicated to producing factual and life-affirming shows that impact our audience; yet maintain a chic and avant-garde style that sustains our cosmopolitan appeal. Our loyal viewing audience transcends all boundaries; they are a diverse community seeking original, informative programming amidst the vast internet universe.

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